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Judah Alexander

My name is Judah Alexander, I’m a former collegiate athlete, Personal Trainer and soon to be Competitive Bodybuilder! I was born and raised in Mount Vernon, New York, a city where you learn to dribble before you learn how to walk. Even though it’s only 4 square miles, it’s produced athletes like Ben Gordon, Andre Drummond and even Olympic Sprinter Deajah Stevens. So I’ve been on the court or in the gym my whole life! It wasn’t until my junior year in high school when I began to really focus on lifting weights and I fell in love with it. I was infatuated with putting my all into something for a definite payback. The only issue was I had would go 150% every time but had no idea about the world of supplements and the difference it makes with your training! Over the years I’ve tried tons of different supplements but none of them compare to Golden Era Nutrition.
Favorite Product: Lemon Drop BCAA/EAA

Tiffany Buhr

I’m a 31 year mom to a 2 1/2 year old little boy. I have been working on a better body than before for a year and a half. So that has giving me a year and half to try all different types of supplements and Golden Era by far is the best and works amazing. The supplements are also at an amazing price you won’t be disappointed with there products. I train my whole body but working more towards my legs. I try to do legs 3 times a week to help build and train them. my stack is CLA joint support lemon drop BCAA cookies and cream protein, glutamate creatine, and berry lemonade pre-workout. The pre-workout is my favorite. I take it and it starts working so fast and pushes me to train harder and longer than any other one.
Favorite Product: Berry Lemonade Pre-Workout
Use Code: TIFFANY15

Myree Bowden

My name is Myree Bowden also known in the professional world of basketball and dunking “Reemix!” Golden Era Nutrition has enhanced my ability to become the best athlete I can possibly be! My go to supps are Protein Compound, BCAA/EAA and Organic Energy! This combo gives me high quality energy that last with laser focus when performing! I participated in extensive training and competitions, with 5 different proteins combined my recovery is quick and effective! Let’s call it the Golden Era way!
Favorite Products: Protein Compound, BCAA/EAA, Organic Energy
Use Code: REEMIX

Andrea Hill-Karsh

I’m Andi also known as kiwi queen. I love kiwis, hiking with my dogs and competing in bodybuilding in the bikini division and currently going to school for a masters in exercise science! I love golden era nutrition because of how clean the ingredients are and how great the flavors are without going overboard on crazy fillers. My favorite products are the cookies and cream protein powder and the sour fruit punch pre-workout!!
Favorite Products: Cookies & Cream Protein, Sour Fruit Punch Pre-Workout

Joshua Knox

Hey! My name is Joshua "Big Red" Knox. I started working out playing sports in high school, but began to find myself enjoying time in the weight room more than the field or court. Growing up I walked around with my head down, lacking confidence, and bullied by kids in my school. I turned to fitness to build myself and find confidence, which quickly led me to building myself up internally as much as externally. Now I am a fitness model, IFBB Men's Physique Pro, and have been training myself as well as others for 10 years. My goal is to help people build themselves up, see their true potential, and have the feeling that they can walk into any environment with full confidence. It's important to me to shed light on mental health, and help people find strength in vulnerability.
Instagram: @shreddedgingy

Favorite Products: Berry Lemonade Pre Workout, Grass-Fed Isolate Protein & L-Glutamine
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Theresa Johnk

I'm Theresa Johnk and I'm a Certified Personal Trainer from Minnesota. I love Golden Era Nutrition because the products are high quality but also affordable. My favorite product is the Vanilla Compound Protein. It's so versatile - it's delicious alone, but I also add it to smoothies or my coffee. Plus it is perfect to bake high protein treats with!
Favorite Products: Vanilla Protein

Chance McCoy

Chance McCoy grew up, never wanting to be inside. You name it, if it was a sport, he’s outside playing it. After playing college basketball, Chance took his mentality to Bodybuilding & CrossFit. An avid gym goer, you’ll rarely see him take a day off. When he’s not working out he’s acting on screen. Appearing in all sorts of Sport Commercials, TV shows and Movies.
“I love the way it keeps you going. When you sip on it during the workout and you need to push through that extra rep. That’s what it’s made for. That’s what sets most people apart from one another.”
Favorite Product: BCAA/EAA

Janelle Soto

Hello my names Jenny, I’m an NPC bikini athlete. I started taking Golden Era supplements two months ago and it’s increased my performance and recovery. My stomach is also very sensitive to gluten, Golden Era makes 100% gluten free supplements! I’ve never had a supplement be so easy on my digestive track system and have a 10/10 taste!
Use Code: JANELLE15

Monica Thornburg

Hi! My name is Monica. I am a bikini competitor as well as a NASM certified personal trainer and online fitness coach. I love Golden Era for so many reasons, but most highly because of their incredible customer service and product quality! Their ingredients are clean and the taste and texture of their products is absolutely unmatched. I have had nothing but amazing interactions with their staff since I first discovered the company. They truly value their customers and put loyalty and service at the forefront with everything they do. My favorite product is definitely the CLA capsules. These have been key for me in retaining muscle mass AND staying lean while either cutting or OR bulking. The product keeps my gains on point!
Favorite Products: Watermelon BCAA/EAA, Both Vegan Proteins, Berry Lemonade Pre-Workout & Creatine

Summer Trenkle

Summer Trenkle is a Nationally Qualified Bikini Competitor who Is currently in route to earning her IFBB PRO CARD. I grew up an athlete, playing competitive soccer until I hit college where I started my bikini competition journey. Before finding my passion in fitness and nutrition, I would do hours of cardio, running for miles, and eat very low calories, struggling to see results or achieve the body she wanted. This led me to become extremely skinny. When I started college I felt led to take my fitness to the next level so I decided to study nutrition science and take on competing in my first bikini show. I hired my first coach and my body completely transformed. Hiring a coach was the best decision of my life. I learned so much about my body, nutrition and fitness. I still continue to work with my coach because it is the best thing to have someone hold you accountable and push you! I am so happy and grateful to be able to be a coach and help other girls achieve the body and confidence of their dreams without restrictions, without hours of cardio and without low calories! I find happiness in helping others reach their goals and pushing them to be the best version of themselves.

My favorite supplement stack for me personally and what I always recommend my clients is Golden Era Grass Fed whey protein Isolate, L-Glutamine, Creatine, AÇAÍ BCAAS and CLA! Those are all a staple for helping my performance, making sure I’m getting all the nutrients I need in and boosting my performance in the gym as much as possible!
Instagram: @fitnessallsummer

Favorite Products: Grass Fed Whey Protein Isolate, L-Glutamine, Creatine, AÇAÍ BCAAs and CLA
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My goal and why I started this fitness journey is because I wanted to inspire women and moms like me. When we became moms we think it’s impossible to get back in shape but if you work hard for something you will reach your goals. Trust the time! Before I was taking a different brand, not because I didn’t like it, I just wanted to try a new one and I FOUND Golden Era. I love how my body reacts. I don’t get no side effects, which is a good thing!
Favorite Products: Berry Lemonade Pre-Workout, Cookies & Cream Protein, BCAAs
Use Code: MARINA15



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