Our core business as a company is contract manufacturing nutritional products for some of the top brands in the USA and chances are, you’re already supplementing some of our creations. Our facility is 4Excelsior located in Anaheim California and we hold the most honorable certifications, such as, GMP, NSF Sport, NSF, USDA Organic, Halal, Kosher, CCOF Organic, SQF and Informed choice. This means our facility is heavily regulated and held to a very high daily standard. Since we are so good at what we do as a nutritional manufacturing company, we decided to create a sports nutrition company of our own, Golden Era Nutrition! Some retail owners and customers ask why we can charge such a low price for such a high-quality product; the answer is simple, our products do not trade hands, it’s completely made in our facility. We formulate, flavor, blend and package everything under one roof and then the products are sent to our warehouse. Other brands, whether they are high-quality or low-quality have their products formulated, flavored, blended and packaged sometimes in many different manufacturing facilities, and within each trade of hand comes a higher price. We do not have these multi-tiered price tags that end up costing retailers or consumers more money. We didn’t create products to make more money by charging the same as everyone else. We created great quality products at a price point everyone can enjoy.



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