Easy Pumpkin Protein Pancakes

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Pancakes are an easy, fast breakfast that you can pack full of protein with the right ingredients. This fall season, why not make them with your favorite flavors? These pumpkin pancakes are delicious and simple to make, and with Golden Era Nutrition high-quality protein powder, you can get the supplemental nutrition you need to power through anything.


  • 1 scoop Golden Era Nutrition vanilla protein powder
  • ½ cup pumpkin puree
  • 1 teaspoon pumpkin spice
  • ½ cup milk of your choice
  • 2 egg whites


  • Heat a griddle or non-stick pan over medium heat.
  • Beat together ingredients or blend in food processor.
  • Pour batter onto griddle ¼ cup at a time.
  • Flip when bubbles start to form and bottom is firm.
  • Cook for a few minutes until done.
  • Serve with your favorite toppings!

You can customize your pancake toppings to meet whatever your nutritional needs may be. Some of our favorites include: maple syrup, almond butter, chopped walnuts or pecans, shredded coconut, or any combination of all of the above! Plus, with Golden Era Nutrition, you can find a high-quality protein powder that helps you make more progress toward your health and fitness goals.

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