What Your Body Needs Before a Workout

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Trying to ensure that your body is adequately prepared for a workout can be tough. Eating too little or too much can make your workout feel like a real struggle, and eating the wrong kinds of foods may slow down the progress you want to make.

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When to Eat Before Working Out

Most doctors, nutritionists, and trainers agree that it is best to eat about two or three hours before you work out. Two to three hours is enough time for your body to properly digest food in order to take advantage of the calories, vitamins, and other macro- and micro-nutrients necessary to fuel your body for a workout. Eating too early means you won’t have as much energy to propel you through a run or weightlifting session, while eating too close to your workout can make you feel sluggish or even sick.

If you run early in the morning, eat a very small meal or have a piece of fruit and some water. Fruit is an excellent source of quick energy that isn’t loaded with calories. If you are lifting in the morning, a piece of fruit may not be good enough. Try eating a smaller portion of a well-balanced meal for the carbs, fats, and proteins your body requires before lifting.


Drink water all the time. Your body needs water to do everything, and when you work out, you lose a lot of water through sweat and through other bodily processes that speed up as you exercise. The key is to have enough water to stay hydrated without having so much that you feel sluggish or bloated. Experiment with the amount of water you drink before working out until you get it just right. Don’t forget to bring a water bottle with you to the gym or on your run. Take small sips to replenish your body’s supply.


Carbohydrates are a source of fast energy, and they are an important part of every person’s diet. Before a workout, it is a good idea to have a meal that provides you with a combination of carbs, protein, and fats in order to have the energy to complete your exercise and create the building blocks for new muscle.

Stay away from really sugary foods as much as you can (unless you’re having a little fruit right before you train). Instead, look for carbs that provide you with an adequate amount of glucose and take a little longer to digest, including:

  • Brown rice
  • Oatmeal
  • Whole-grain bread or toast


Protein offers a number of important benefits when you eat it before a workout. First, it helps your body build new muscle tissue, which is especially important for people who are trying to increase their size and strength. Second, protein can also help reduce muscle soreness and stiffness following a workout. Improved recovery speeds allow you to get back to the gym sooner, further improving your gains. Third, some studies have shown that protein helps contribute to improved muscle performance.

Good pre-workout proteins include:

  • Grilled or baked chicken
  • Salmon
  • Eggs
  • Dairy products
  • Protein powder


While fats should only make up a small portion of your diet, they are an important part of any well-balanced meal. Healthy fats (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats) have been shown to reduce levels of dangerous LDL cholesterol, while also helping reduce your chances of developing heart conditions and type 2 diabetes. They contain omega fatty acids, which improve cell growth, brain functions, and cardiovascular health.

Good sources of healthy fats include:

  • Fatty coldwater fish like salmon and tuna
  • Nuts, nut butters, and nut oils
  • Avocados
  • Olives and olive oil
  • Seeds
  • High-quality nutritional supplements

If you’re unsure of what to eat before your workouts, try out a few easy meals made of some of the ingredients we’ve listed above. Pay attention to the way you feel before, during, and after a workout to see what your body seems to respond to best, and adjust your diet from there. If you are looking for the best way to overhaul your entire diet, we recommend speaking with your doctor or a dietitian for help.

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