Vegan and Organic Nutritional and Exercise Supplements

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Athletes are not a monolith, so why do supplement companies treat them as if everyone who wants to take care of themselves are the same? It is absolutely possible to be an incredible bodybuilder, runner, or competitor without wanting to take supplements made with animal products or with ingredients that aren’t as clean as possible.

The White Label line of nutritional and exercise supplements from Golden Era Nutrition was designed to provide you with the cleanest sources of whey protein as well as high-quality vegan protein and energy products. Finding the proper nutrition to round out your diet and exercise routine should not mean compromising your values.

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Vegan Protein

Our organic vegan protein provides your body with all of the same benefits that whey protein does, without any of the animal products. By using a blend of four different sources of protein, this all-plant protein powder tastes great and can help fuel your body before and after workouts. Like everything we make at Golden Era Nutrition, we start with the best ingredients and blend them with the best possible flavors in order to provide you with supplements that don’t feel like a chore.

Vegan Protein:

  • Uses only organic plant-based sources of protein
    • Organic pea protein
    • Organic flax seed
    • Organic quinoa trim
    • Organic pumpkin seed protein
  • Contains a special digestive enzyme blend
  • Is naturally flavored
  • Is gluten-free

Organic Energy

Everyone needs energy, especially when you’re pushing your body. If you want a pick-me-up without having to go to the gas station to pick up a can full of chemicals, you need Organic Energy from Golden Era Nutrition. Our mixed berry flavor is so delicious that you will have a hard time believing that it’s organic! 

  • Contains only organic ingredients
  • Great as a pre-workout energy boost
  • A delicious substitute for coffee or energy drinks loaded with artificial flavors and ingredients

Natural BCAA

While the most common sources of branched chain amino acids are found in dairy products and meat, they aren’t the only way to get more of this essential amino acid. We found great sources of BCAAs that don’t come from animals and included them in this nutrition and fitness supplement for athletes who want the best vegan supplements available.
  • These branched chain amino acids are vegan
  • Includes 1 gram of L-Glutamine to help reduce your recovery time and build muscle
  • Naturally sweetened
  • Improve recovery and blood flow
  • Build new muscle and maintain the muscle you have

Grass-Fed Isolate Protein

While the protein we source for our Black Label supplements is exceptionally clean, if you demand the absolute cleanest whey protein, you need our Grass-Fed Isolate Protein. High-protein isolate has less fat and far fewer carbs than other forms of whey protein, and is easier to absorb than other kinds of protein powder.

  • rBST(bovine growth hormone)-free
  • Compared to other protein supplements, Grass-Fed Isolate Protein features higher concentrations of:
    • CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), which can help you drop fat while maintaining muscle mass
    • Omega 3 fatty acids
    • Vitamin A
    • Vitamin D
  • High absorption
  • Great flavors

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Our goal is to provide everyone from serious athletes to normal people with the nutritional and fitness supplement options that they want, so that everyone can live their Golden Era.



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