I’m a Serious Athlete — How Do I Continue to Improve?

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Golden Era Nutrition makes our supplements in such a way to be as useful to people just starting out as they are to people who have spent their lives honing their bodies and their athletic abilities. With higher amounts of cleaner active ingredients per bottle and options for vegan athletes, our supplements and protein powders are always a step above.

As a serious athlete, you know how to train, how to get the results you want, and how to push through even long plateaus. But if you have reached a point where you feel that you can’t improve, even after trying everything you can think of — cutting calories, putting in more hours at the gym, varying your workouts, and taking nutritional and exercise supplements — you may not know where you can make changes.

At Golden Era Nutrition, we understand how difficult this can be, which is why we suggest trying different kinda of supplement, namely supplements that are packed with more high-quality active ingredients per serving than other brands.

Why Higher Concentrations of Active Ingredients Matter

While it is possible to have too much of a good thing, when you are working yourself as hard as possible every day, your body requires more fuel in order to maintain its current muscle mass, and even more to grow new, larger muscles. A well-adjusted diet is the most important step to ensuring your body has the nutrients it needs, but at a certain point, diet alone may not be able to provide you with enough nutrition.

This is when supplements are most useful, and when active ingredients are most important. While a lot of supplements use fillers to make it seem like you are getting a lot of protein powder for a low price, the truth is that you may be taking in a lot of calories made up of less-than-desirable sources.

At Golden Era Nutrition, we remove as much filler as possible and add more protein per scoop. More protein per scoop means that you are better able to control what goes into your body, which is perfect for everyone who has an incredibly rigid diet and training plan.

Benefits of Using High Protein Supplements

  • Build more muscle
  • Maintain your gains
  • Reduce your recovery time
  • Deliver the fuel your body needs

Golden Era Has Many Protein Supplements to Choose From

Protein Compound

100% Isolate

GEN Mass

Vegan Protein

Grass-Fed Isolate


While protein is an important component of a balanced diet and supplement plan, there are other exercise and nutritional supplements that can help you with a myriad of issues both big and small. Golden Era Nutrition has formulated the following supplements to help:

  • Reduce or eliminate muscle and joint soreness, pain, and aches
  • You stay as lean as possible
  • Cut down your recovery time
  • Keep you better hydrated



Creatine Monohydrate

Joint Support


Test 5


When you’re going as hard as you can all the time, it can take a toll. Make sure that you have the energy you need to keep training with energy supplements from Golden Era Nutrition! Our energy supplements can:
Improve your performance
Help you get past a plateau
Help you increase your pump and reps
Help you go longer and harder


Organic Energy

When you’re at the peak, you want to stay there. Golden Era Nutrition can help. Order your supplements today. Make sure to check out blog often for new recipes, workout tips, and plenty of other useful information that you can use to push yourself to new heights of fitness. If you’re a serious athlete who loves Golden Era, head over to our sponsorship page to learn about how you can can get sponsored!



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