I Already Take Some Supplements, But What Am I Missing?

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If you’ve been working out for a while and taking a few basic nutritional and exercise supplements like protein powder, you may have noticed that you aren’t seeing the results you’d like. While the best plan is to check that you’re getting everything you need from your diet, if you are eating enough of the right kinds of foods and you still aren’t seeing the gains you think you should be, supplementation might be the best way to take your workout to the next level.

Golden Era Nutrition makes a wide range of supplements that can fill in the gaps that other supplements miss. At Golden Era, we believe in providing our customers with the highest quality supplements that are loaded with higher concentrations of active ingredients, and flavors that are so good, you’ll have a hard time believing that you’re eating or drinking healthy exercise supplements. All of our products are manufactured in our own facility, which allows us to keep the quality and cleanliness as high as possible.


While everyone expects to lack energy at the beginning of a workout regimen, if you have found that your energy still isn’t at a comfortable level, it may be a good idea to try supplementing with one of Golden Era Nutrition’s energy supplements.

You will want to avoid sugary energy drinks because they don’t have anything good for your body. Too much sugar can make you crash, and a high sugar diet can make you gain weight. Many energy drinks are also loaded with chemicals. Golden Era Nutrition energy products can help:
Improv your pump and increase the number of reps you can do
Provide you with everything you need to improve your performance
You have more energy that will help you go harder for longer

Try one of these energy supplements to help you before a workout or when you’re going about your day!
  • Pre-Workout
  • Organic Energy
  • BCAA+G


Like we mentioned above, even with the best possible diet, sometimes your body requires more nutrients than the foods they eat can deliver. If you are hitting the gym extra hard, training for a marathon, or otherwise pushing yourself to the limit, it is incredibly important to make sure that your body has all of the nutrients it needs to:
  • Reduce fatigue, aches, and soreness
  • Help you stay lean
  • Reduce recovery time
  • Increase strength and muscle mass
Below are a list of Golden Era Nutrition exercise and nutritional supplements that can give your body the extra boost it needs.

BCAA/EAA. Branched chain amino acids are a collection of three essential amino acids. Essential amino acids are acids that the body requires but does not produce on its own. Meats, dairy products, and other high-protein foods are usually rich enough in BCAAs to provide your body with everything it needs, but for people who work out hard, even an increased level of protein in the diet may not be enough to keep your body’s supply where it needs to be.

L-Glutamine. Glutamine is another amino acid that may help your body bounce back after hard exercise. A study found that glutamine helped reduce a blood marker for fatigue in runners. If you feel sore, even after you have rehydrated and eaten, glutamine may be able to help.

Joint Support. Running and lifting weights can be tough on your joints. Joint Support can help you recover from workouts faster, help you improve your range of motion, and reduce pain and soreness in stiff joints.

CLA. Conjugated linoleic acids have helped some people stay more lean, and lose fat more quickly, which helps them better control their weight over time. Pair CLA with a healthy diet for the best results.

Test 5. If you are trying to lose fat and improve your strength while increasing the size of your muscles, Test 5 might be just what you need. This supplement packs a performance compound, a booster compound, and a natural mood compound into each serving.

If you’re trying to get back into shape and you aren’t sure where to start, check out our blog entry on that topic. The rest of our blog page is filled with great recipes, information about our products, and entries that will provide you with plenty of inspiration to hit the track, hit the gym, or otherwise get into shape. With a great diet, exercise, and the right nutritional and exercise supplements from Golden Era Nutrition, there is almost no limit to what you can achieve.

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